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Pssst... 5 Secrets Only Yoga Practitioners Know

Yoga is a great way to exercise yet it is so much more than exercise. Getting started can seem quite complicated. A beginner doesn’t know how to choose the type of yoga from which they will benefit.

An instructor is going to be the one who can help a yoga newcomer find the right class.

What are the five secrets?

1. Yoga Promotes Overall Fitness

Yoga is so much more than stretching. The yoga stretches and poses improve balance, increase flexibility and strengthen muscles. Feeling tired before the end of the game? Some muscle strengthening may help with that.

Yoga postures utilize muscles, ligaments, and tendons in ways you may not have experienced before. Yoga promotes endurance which is going to enhance performance in all sports. Yoga is going to help perform daily tasks at home and work. Strength in our core muscles improves posture. Good posture decreases fatigue while sitting at a desk or cleaning the house.

2. Yoga Helps With Weight Loss

We know that our metabolic rate increases after cardio exercise and after weight training. Certain Yoga postures, such as the downward dog, can have this effect as well. Holding the downward dog posture draws fresh blood into the thyroid, the gland responsible for metabolism. If one is unable to engage in vigorous exercise, yoga can keep those calories burning.

3. Yoga Can Help With Women’s Uterine Health

Some yoga postures are designed to stretch internal organs, massage joints and bones. These yoga postures can improve many women’s health issues. Some poses, for example triangle pose can stretch the uterus and strengthen the pelvic floor. Imagine easing menstrual cramps by doing some relaxing poses and stretches instead of with pain relievers.

4. Yoga Can Help You Sleep

Insomnia affects many people. Whether the cause is shift work or bad habits surrounding the sleep routine, a poor night’s sleep often results in a frustrating day. People tend to eat more when they are overtired. They make more mistakes at work and while driving. A sleep deprived person finds it hard to cope with the usual daily irritations.

Yoga at night can create a state of relaxation. Meditating at the end of the yoga session can increase the state of relaxation even further.

It is possible some of the positions can improve melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone our bodies produce that help us fall asleep and stay asleep.

5. Yoga Improves Peace and Mental Clarity

Mental health is at least as important as physical health. Yoga is a complete exercise that incorporates mind, body and spirit.

Imagine the sun warming your body; imagine the scent of fresh garden flowers wafting. Enjoy these surroundings while following a trained instructor in a series of poses. Then relax on your yoga mat, while birds are singing and the instructor quietly starts you on a meditation routine.

Every class can’t be outside in a meadow, but every class can create peace and wellbeing in addition to strengthening.

Yoga is completely portable; it can be done at home, on vacation, on a short break at work.

However, taking a class is a great way to experience yoga. A yoga instructor can show you the poses and then gently adjust your body so you feel and understand the pose. An instructor can show you how to use various supports, such as wooden blocks or cloth bolsters, to support yourself. An instructor can explain how the poses benefit your body even when it seems you are not yet doing them completely. They can assure you that your body will become more flexible and stronger and that your balance will improve. Being in a class will help ensure you relax or meditate at the end.

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