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Increase Collagen & Look Younger—With Nutrition!

The Healthy Way To Increase Collagen With Your Nutrition

When we turn on the television, open a magazine or walk through the cosmetic departments of any department store, anti-wrinkle creams are presented to us. Creams, lotions and treatments that claim to have the secret to holding back time and allow us to keep our youthful appearance. The magic ingredient that grabs our attention is collagen. We have accepted the explanations marketed to us that the loss of collagen and the reintroduction of collagen to our skin will make us look younger. Though we have grown as a society and recognize that it is the essence of a person that creates their beauty; we still want our exterior to reflect the beauty of our substance. But do the products presented to us with promises of younger skin really work?

The truth is most anti-wrinkle creams contain collagen and elastin and if they could easily enter the skin perhaps they could provide some minimal results. However, in order for them to be absorbed they would have to undergo major and far-reaching processing (not obtainable for a cream). So yes, the ingredient is there in our cream, but when we apply it; not enough of it is absorbed. So it sits on the top of the skin and does nothing to change the skin.

We are born with an abundance of collagen. It is the protein that glues everything together. It is in the second layer of our (3) layers of skin. It gives us more elasticity in our skin and a youthful glow; such as the face of a child. As we age we produce less collagen and our skin breaks down a bit which is why we begin to see lines and wrinkles form. Our initial reaction and urge to rub a chemical on our face to stop nature sometimes causes more skin issues than they correct.

Our skin changes as we age. Perhaps that is nature’s way of telling us our nutritional needs also change as we age. When we are a child we have certain nutritional requirements that insure healthy growth of our bodies. The fuel we give our children has a direct effect on the outcome; which is a healthy body. At a point, we require less milk and more solid foods. This change insures our health as our bodies evolve to the next level. Our nutritional requirements must keep up with the state of our bodies. This evolution does not stop. As we age we must continue to adjust the fuel we use. Proper diet is rewarded with health and wellness. When we neglect any part of the diet, we are made aware with symptoms. Not enough calcium leads to weak bones. So perhaps, our dull skin, wrinkles and lines are simply a symptom of a needed nutritional adjustment that has come due.

If we want to restore and replenish the collagen in our skin, we must do so with healthy diets. We must give our body the proper fuel to adjust itself.

Just as we learned that true beauty comes from the inside; we must accept that we must address any issue with our bodies from inside. If we want healthy skin, it starts with proper fuel.

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