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10 Foods For More Beautiful Skin

10 foods for more beautiful skinThere are numerous treatments that can guarantee more beautiful skin, but the best way to ensure top notch skin health is to improve your diet. This following list of the top ten foods for beautiful skin lets you know what is best for your diet.

  1. Tuna
    Flax seed tuna contains omega 3's, which lessen the skin's irritation and redness. Tuna is also rich in selenium, which increases the amount of elastin. A lack of elastin leads to excess wrinkles, so be sure to up your tuna intake.
  2. Kale
    Kale is trendy, but for good reason. Carotinoids are proven to enhance the skin's coloration and complexion, which kale contains in abundance. Those who eat kale on a regular basis tend to have much more beautiful skin.
  3. Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, which is a catalyst for the skin's collagen production. When consumed regularly over long periods of time, sweet potatoes have been proven to decrease the onset of wrinkles.
  4. Pomegranate
    Polyphenols are great for the skin. Pomegranates are filled with these powerful antioxidants, which keep the skin safe from damages. They also encourage increased blood flow, a major catalyst in providing the skin with the rosy glow that allows us to look our best.
  5. Spinach
    Spinach is loaded with water, which passes through the skin and gives it a plump, healthy look. Spinach also protects against damage to the DNA, which allows for decreased instances of skin cancer.
  6. Greek Yogurt
    While all forms of yogurt are good for the skin, since they reduce irritation, Greek yogurt is at the top of the list, because it is rich in protein. Protein helps to maintain the skin's firmness and wards off wrinkles, making Greek yogurt an integral part of a balanced diet.
  7. Flaxseed
    If you are looking to get straight to the flaxseed source, look no further. Simply add some to your morning smoothie or cook your greens in flaxseed oil. Flaxseed consumption leads to decreased wrinkles and provides necessary Omega 3's.
  8. Avocado
    Avocados provide plentiful vitamins, including Vitamins C, K, and E. You can enjoy your next helping of guacamole heartily, knowing that it contains copious antioxidants, which are vital in preserving the health of a person's skin.
  9. Carrots
    Carotinoids are found in other foods besides the aforementioned kale. Carrots are just as helpful for improving the skin's complexion and color. Bugs Bunny's favorite food is also rich in Vitamin A, which reduces the amount of breakouts and unclogs the pores.
  10. Almonds
    Sun damaged skin needs plenty of Vitamin E to repair itself, which is provided in spades by a healthy serving of almonds. Add some almonds to your next salad or your next helping of Greek yogurt. Peanuts can also be used as a replacement.

Pssst... 5 Secrets Only Yoga Practitioners Know

Yoga is a great way to exercise yet it is so much more than exercise. Getting started can seem quite complicated. A beginner doesn’t know how to choose the type of yoga from which they will benefit.

An instructor is going to be the one who can help a yoga newcomer find the right class.

What are the five secrets?

1. Yoga Promotes Overall Fitness

Yoga is so much more than stretching. The yoga stretches and poses improve balance, increase flexibility and strengthen muscles. Feeling tired before the end of the game? Some muscle strengthening may help with that.

Yoga postures utilize muscles, ligaments, and tendons in ways you may not have experienced before. Yoga promotes endurance which is going to enhance performance in all sports. Yoga is going to help perform daily tasks at home and work. Strength in our core muscles improves posture. Good posture decreases fatigue while sitting at a desk or cleaning the house.

2. Yoga Helps With Weight Loss

We know that our metabolic rate increases after cardio exercise and after weight training. Certain Yoga postures, such as the downward dog, can have this effect as well. Holding the downward dog posture draws fresh blood into the thyroid, the gland responsible for metabolism. If one is unable to engage in vigorous exercise, yoga can keep those calories burning.

3. Yoga Can Help With Women’s Uterine Health

Some yoga postures are designed to stretch internal organs, massage joints and bones. These yoga postures can improve many women’s health issues. Some poses, for example triangle pose can stretch the uterus and strengthen the pelvic floor. Imagine easing menstrual cramps by doing some relaxing poses and stretches instead of with pain relievers.

4. Yoga Can Help You Sleep

Insomnia affects many people. Whether the cause is shift work or bad habits surrounding the sleep routine, a poor night’s sleep often results in a frustrating day. People tend to eat more when they are overtired. They make more mistakes at work and while driving. A sleep deprived person finds it hard to cope with the usual daily irritations.

Yoga at night can create a state of relaxation. Meditating at the end of the yoga session can increase the state of relaxation even further.

It is possible some of the positions can improve melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone our bodies produce that help us fall asleep and stay asleep.

5. Yoga Improves Peace and Mental Clarity

Mental health is at least as important as physical health. Yoga is a complete exercise that incorporates mind, body and spirit.

Imagine the sun warming your body; imagine the scent of fresh garden flowers wafting. Enjoy these surroundings while following a trained instructor in a series of poses. Then relax on your yoga mat, while birds are singing and the instructor quietly starts you on a meditation routine.

Every class can’t be outside in a meadow, but every class can create peace and wellbeing in addition to strengthening.

Yoga is completely portable; it can be done at home, on vacation, on a short break at work.

However, taking a class is a great way to experience yoga. A yoga instructor can show you the poses and then gently adjust your body so you feel and understand the pose. An instructor can show you how to use various supports, such as wooden blocks or cloth bolsters, to support yourself. An instructor can explain how the poses benefit your body even when it seems you are not yet doing them completely. They can assure you that your body will become more flexible and stronger and that your balance will improve. Being in a class will help ensure you relax or meditate at the end.

Increase Collagen & Look Younger—With Nutrition!

The Healthy Way To Increase Collagen With Your Nutrition

When we turn on the television, open a magazine or walk through the cosmetic departments of any department store, anti-wrinkle creams are presented to us. Creams, lotions and treatments that claim to have the secret to holding back time and allow us to keep our youthful appearance. The magic ingredient that grabs our attention is collagen. We have accepted the explanations marketed to us that the loss of collagen and the reintroduction of collagen to our skin will make us look younger. Though we have grown as a society and recognize that it is the essence of a person that creates their beauty; we still want our exterior to reflect the beauty of our substance. But do the products presented to us with promises of younger skin really work?


Amazing Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is a type of martial arts that is very gentle in practice. It involves a combination of breathing deeply from the
diaphragm and dancelike poses that flow easily from one pose to another. Despite being slow and gentle, it provides a decidedly strenuous workout for people of many age groups. There have been recent studies that have shown that practicing Tai Chi can improve balance, strength in legs, pulse rate, cardiovascular endurance, immune system, cardiovascular endurance, muscular flexibility, sleep patterns, focus and concentration, ability to multitask in cognitive tests and, enhance self-esteem and overall happiness.


Beginner Workshop Series with Tisha Ford

Beginner Yoga Series @ Aum Spa

Aum Spa is offering a special Beginner Workshop Series designed to introduce a strong alignment-based vinyasa (flow) practice to those new to yoga. In beginning any physical practice, building a strong foundation is key. This series will start with the basics and take a step-by-step approach to building confidence and self-awareness as a yoga practitioner.


WHAT: Beginner Yoga Series 

WHEN: March 1 to April 26

Sundays: 9:00-10:00 am

Investment = $150 for 8 sessions

This series includes:
- Intro to Pranayama (breath work)
- Intro to meditation
- How to use props to support your practice - Basic Yogic Philosophy
- Small group

We will also incorporate some yummy restorative yoga, yoga nidra (conscious relaxation) and some other fun surprises to round out what is intended to be an informative and fun experience. We strongly recommend you bring two blocks to each session.

20% discount on all Aum Spa props for those who sign up for the Beginners Workshop.

This workshop is for those new to yoga, however, if you do have a practice and would like to "go back to basics" come join us! 

Storm survived! ...now time to warm up!

Seems the storm was mostly a non event, but at least majority of us got to enjoy a day off from work! And now.. back to embracing the cold! In that spirit, we're offering a 10% discount on all massages through Sunday, February 1st!

Body Massage Discount

So come in and warm up! Relax those frigid muscles with some organic essential oils and a soothing, healing touch!

10% Discount

On all body masssages, ends Feb. 01.

Call us at 201.520.0211 to make your appointments and mention this coupon.

Too much snow for Yoga / Meditation / Tai-chi?

These traditions might be thousands of years old, but every now and then too much snow just gets in the way. We're suspending Yoga, Meditation, Tai-Chi classes for Tuesday January 27th, and possibly Wednesday 28th due to Juno.

But here's a snow man doing a headstand it mastered in our very own classes! Hopefully it inspires you to practice at home while the studio is closed! Keep those muscles relaxed and flexible!

Hope everyone stays safe and can join us soon for our regularly schedule classes.

Never tried any of our classes before? Then see what you're missing out on with our FREE meditation class, or one one of our small, intimate class settings for yoga and tai-chi.

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